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Plastic Surgery Fail

15 Plastic Surgery Fails

Nowadays plastic surgery is mostly the domain of rich and vain types. But it’s not always been that way. Weirdly enough, reconstructive surgery dates all the way back to India in 800BC. And ever since then it’s been used by people. Mostly for understandable reasons. For instance, the Romans often patched up noses and ears damaged in battle or in fights. But  nowadays? It’s all li... »


Top 15 Castles From Around The World

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a ‘castle’ as ‘a large building, typically of the medieval period, fortified against attack with thick walls, battlements, towers, and often a moat.’ So know we know exactly one is, what say we run through the very best castles out there on Earth? There are plenty out there, after all. The dinky little country of Wales in the United Kin... »


15 Pranks That Are Equally Awesome and Awful

Pranks. Some people love them, some people hate them. They’re pretty divisive. To plenty out there, there’s nothing funnier than pulling the ultimate practical joke on a person, is there? They’ll pull your chair away or stick a Whoopee Cushion under your seat and dine out on the anecdote for weeks. To others, there’s nothing more low-brow than a common or garden prank. Witl... »


15 Innocent Things Kate Middleton Did That The Queen Probably Hates

It can’t be easy living your dreams. What’s the ultimate fantasy of every little girl? That’s right – to be a princess. But while millions of girls watch Disney movies and end up growing out of it, occasionally it pans out. Just like it did for The Duchess of Cornwall, Kate Middleton. When she married Prince William, she become royalty. But whereas it can be seen as a bless... »

google image

15 of the Strangest Images Caught on Google Maps

We all know that Google is in the middle of a campaign to take over the world. It’s common knowledge. They gobble up companies and data and technology… All while running the internet. Yep – the internet. That we’re on. So we won’t be too unkind. One of the biggest things Google gets up to is mapping the world. Their Google Maps tool has been available for a couple of ... »

Back to school

15 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Going Back to School

As September edges ever closer, young people across the world start getting edgy. The summer’s coming to a close and the new school year is almost upon them. There are no more care-free days of frolicking freely and getting up whenever they want. It’s back to early mornings, books and doing whatever the teachers say. So it’s no wonder that the term ‘Back to School’ is... »


What 15 Disney Princes And Princesses Would Look Like In Real Life!

Most of us grew up watching and loving Disney movies. Alright, mostly you girls. But, plenty of boys watched them too. Maybe more for the jokes or swashbuckling, but still. What’s one of the main things all Disney flicks have in common? The princes and princesses. Almost all the big Disney movies have them, don’t them? But what would they look like in real life? You know, if they weren... »

The 15 Most Mysterious Disappearances Of All Time

The 15 Most Mysterious Disappearances Of All Time

For thousands of years, man has been intrigued by the unknown. Enigmas and mysteries have turned our heads for so long for many reasons. But perhaps it’s the idea that it allows us the opportunity to play detective. We can don a metaphorical deerstalker, get out our metaphorical (or real) magnifying glass and solve something. And there’s plenty of mysteries out there. Some of the bigge... »


15 Times Parents Trolled Their Kids Like a Boss

Parents are renowned for embarrassing their kids. It’s the law. Once a person procreates, gone are the days of them being an interesting, amusing individual who is aware of all things current. Instead they are then confined to wearing beige slacks, driving a Ford pick-up truck and listening to music that’s minimum twenty years old. Every so often though, parents can surprise their offs... »


15 Celebs With the Most Shocking Pasts…They Did What??

Singers, actors, sportspeople, entertainers. We can sometimes be so wrapped up in their public personas that we can be forgiven for sometimes forgetting that they’re real people. Real people that can make mistakes, just like you or us. It’s always exciting when you find something out about a celebrity that you just weren’t expecting, sure. But what if it’s pretty dark? Hey,... »

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