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15 Google Searches That Will Make You Fear For the Future of Humanity

In the days before the invention of the internet, when we had burning questions we needed the answers to, we had to resort to looking in books. Maybe even venturing out to the library. Nowadays, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips thanks to the wonders of the internet and more specifically, Google; which will give us the answers to any question in seconds. You’d think that this abili... »


15 Most Awkward Panoramic Photo Fails

Ah, the wonders of modern technology, huh? Having cameras on our smartphones now means that we can take snaps whenever and wherever we are. And in increasingly great detail and with more and more clarity. And, now, a relatively new feature that you can use on your cameraphone is the ‘panoramic’ picture. You take a snap and hold down the button as you scan the camera around and you can ... »


The 15 WEIRDEST Sea Creatures You Never Knew Existed!

Mother Nature is one pretty creative broad. We know there are plenty of artistic people out there in society, but we reckon that very few of them could come up with quite as many insane creations as nature. With the millions of different types of adapted creatures out there in the sky, under the ground and on the land, it’s pretty impressive. But for our money, the weirdest and most insane-l... »

MK Ultra

15 Conspiracy Theories That Might Actually Be True

You’ve probably seen for yourself that the internet is awash with weird and wacky things. Conspiracy theories are at every turn, with lots of people going into some depth about various events from modern history and what they think really happened. There are some people out there who will quickly dismiss these theories as nothing more than flights of fancy and claim that those behind them ar... »

Not Photoshopped

15 Pictures That Unbelievably AREN’T Photoshopped!

Nowadays, it can be difficult to know for sure that what we’re looking at is actually real. There is so much in the way of high quality image manipulation software about that faking a photograph is so easy now. It used to be that only experts could do it, but in this modern day and age, anyone who can Google things and follow basic instructions can mock up an image. So it’s hard to kno... »


15 Photos From Inside Asylums That Will SHOCK You!

When someone suffers from a mental illness these days, there’s a wide variety of different treatments and types of medications and therapies available from which medical professional can choose from. Getting to the root of the issue, diagnosis and treatment can all be carried out with the least amount of stress and hassle to the patient. After all, added to the existing condition, that’... »


15 Ghosts Caught On Camera

Many people believe that the souls of the restless dead haunt the land of the living. From spooky abandoned houses in England to modern day hotels in Romania and cemeteries in the United States, people from all walks of life have captured these visitors from beyond the grave on film. Sometimes they appear as barely visible shapes, but other times the ghosts are so vivid that many dismiss the photo... »


15 Scariest Vintage Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the great American holidays. From its humble beginnings in Britain as a Celtic pagan festival, the traditions of ‘All Hallows Eve’ (as it was known back then) spread to the United States and soon transformed into the spook-filled night of trick or treating we know and love today. It’s a night when kids and parents alike dress up as ghosts, goblins, witches and... »


15 Selfies Taken Right Before Death

The selfie is the biggest new phenomenon modern culture has seen in some years. You might argue that that doesn’t say much for where we are and where we’re heading, but it’s almost certainly the case. People are constantly snapping themselves on their phones. Ordinarily, other people’s selfies are only really interesting to the people who take the photographs themselves. Or... »

Celeb Fails

15 Most Awkward Fan Photos

We all think being a celebrity is easy, don’t we? You get millions of dollars thrown at you constantly, just for appearing in a few movies, or throwing a few balls or filming yourself making whoopee with a couple of rappers. It’s an easy life and we’re all pretty jealous. But the life of the rich and famous has its downsides too, you know. There are paparazzi, tax bills, potentia... »

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