Christmas Cats

15 Cats That Ruined Christmas

As a popular fizzy dark soft drink manufacturer keeps reminding us – the holidays are coming. Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to wrap gifts, decorate trees and down enough eggnog to drown a reindeer. Nice, isn’t it, the festive period? The family get together and all enjoy the food and ambiance. And it’s nice for pets too. All their family are around, spoiling ... »

Celebrity Pets

15 Celebs Who Look Just Like Their Pets

Have you ever noticed how some couples, as the years roll by, start to look like each other? It’s strange. Their dress senses seem to align, they get similar haircuts… It’s an odd homogenization. And this merging of physicality isn’t just restricted to people in relationships, you know. Some people start to look like their pets too. Have you ever spotted that? Well, it̵... »

Hybrid Animals

Strangest 15 Hybrid Animal Breeds You Didn’t Know Existed

Most of us love animals, don’t we? Sure we do. Whether it be pets at home, like our beloved cats and dogs and fish and budgies and rat and rabbits. Or down at a farm with cows, pigs and goats. And we all love nature programs on television, don’t we? Lions, sharks, frogs… But these are all species and breeds we’ve known since forever. And let’s face it, we’re all... »


15 Reasons Arachnophobes Should Skip A Trip To Australia

Ah, Australia… Many people’s ideal vacation. It’s the other side of the world. The perfect climate, lovely people, flowing beer, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of wildlife to explore. But that final point might just be exactly the reason to swerve clear of the place. Only things get pretty crazy creep-crawly-wise Down Under. The bugs and snakes are everywhere. And we mean EVERYW... »

Disney Message

Top 15 Subliminal Messages in Disney Animations

If there’s one thing we love more than Christmas pudding, it’s Easter eggs. And not just the chocolate-y treats. We’re talking about hidden little in-jokes or references to things stashed away in movies. If you’re observant enough you might spot them. But there’s only so much that you can really do with regular feature films. But in animation? The sky’s the limi... »


The 15 WEIRDEST Sea Creatures You Never Knew Existed!

Mother Nature is one pretty creative broad. We know there are plenty of artistic people out there in society, but we reckon that very few of them could come up with quite as many insane creations as nature. With the millions of different types of adapted creatures out there in the sky, under the ground and on the land, it’s pretty impressive. But for our money, the weirdest and most insane-l... »

15 Worst Animal Hair Cuts

15 Worst Animal Hair Cuts

If a human has a messed-up haircut – provided they’re over about twelve years of age – there’s no one to blame but the douche with the silly hair. But when the ‘do is sitting on top of a cat or dog or bird or monkey, it’s difficult to lay the blame at the animal’s door too much. It’s either going to be the fault of some mean human being or the even m... »

10 Animal Vines to Follow This Year

10 Animal Vines to Follow This Year

Animal vines are not only silly but super cute to watch. They can give you hours of entertainment without even knowing that you’re watching them. With so much time, you will be surprised at just how long you sat there watching the vines and where the rest of the time went while you were doing so. Now is it time to consider checking out all that the animal vines have, all that they can provid... »

12 Worst Animated Movies Of All Time

12 Worst Animated Movies Of All Time

Movies are naturally made throughout time. Some are good, and some are bad. Animated movies seem to get the worst rap though, when it comes to talking about movies that shouldn’t have been made. There are many of them out there that shouldn’t have shown themselves in the theaters. They make you question everything when you’re watching them, leaving the fun out of it and putting i... »

13 Heartwarming Animals Pictures You’ll Love

13 Heartwarming Animals Pictures You’ll Love

When it comes to animals, it is no surprise that so many people love to see cute little heartwarming pictures of them. Not only do they pull at your heart strings, but they can provide you with a warmth that perhaps you’ve never known before. Take all of these pictures for example, we have compiled some of the cutest, more adorable, heartwarming pictures so you can feel the love when it come... »

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