15 Movie Mistakes We Will Never Forgive

15 Movie Mistakes We Will Never Forgive

Movies are all about the big picture. They’re also all about the little details. Here are a few movies you may have been focusing on the big picture and forgot to notice they got some of the minor details just a little bit wrong. A movie may film in short bursts, leading to the possibility of minor errors in the set when the movie resumes filming. While an art director is often charged with ... »


15 Random Pictures That Are HILARIOUS!

Sometimes random things happen, and sometimes those random things turn out to be absolutely hilarious. Whether it’s an unexpected photobombing from a overenthusiastic member of the animal kingdom, or whether it’s a random encounter that leaves everyone picking their jaws off the flaw, hilarity can spring from the most unexpected places. In these fifteen hilarious random photos, hilarit... »

Christmas Cats

15 Cats That Ruined Christmas

As a popular fizzy dark soft drink manufacturer keeps reminding us – the holidays are coming. Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to wrap gifts, decorate trees and down enough eggnog to drown a reindeer. Nice, isn’t it, the festive period? The family get together and all enjoy the food and ambiance. And it’s nice for pets too. All their family are around, spoiling ... »


15 Reasons Arachnophobes Should Skip A Trip To Australia

Ah, Australia… Many people’s ideal vacation. It’s the other side of the world. The perfect climate, lovely people, flowing beer, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of wildlife to explore. But that final point might just be exactly the reason to swerve clear of the place. Only things get pretty crazy creep-crawly-wise Down Under. The bugs and snakes are everywhere. And we mean EVERYW... »

Plastic Surgery Fail

15 Plastic Surgery Fails

Nowadays plastic surgery is mostly the domain of rich and vain types. But it’s not always been that way. Weirdly enough, reconstructive surgery dates all the way back to India in 800BC. And ever since then it’s been used by people. Mostly for understandable reasons. For instance, the Romans often patched up noses and ears damaged in battle or in fights. But  nowadays? It’s all li... »


15 Pranks That Are Equally Awesome and Awful

Pranks. Some people love them, some people hate them. They’re pretty divisive. To plenty out there, there’s nothing funnier than pulling the ultimate practical joke on a person, is there? They’ll pull your chair away or stick a Whoopee Cushion under your seat and dine out on the anecdote for weeks. To others, there’s nothing more low-brow than a common or garden prank. Witl... »


15 of the Weirdest Foreign Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a fairly standard, everyday necessity. Whether it be at home, at work, or in public, we all have to use these facilities on a daily basis. Most of the bathrooms that we’re used to follow the same format. Standard toilet, basin and tiled walls. Normally in white. Occasionally avocado, as people thought that they were a bit wacky back in the ’70s. Abroad, however, bathrooms... »

The 15 Funniest Craigslist Ads Of All Time

The 15 Funniest Craigslist Ads Of All Time

It’s hard to believe, but Craigslist is twenty years old this year. Originally started in 1995 by Craig Newmark as an email sent out to friends detailing events in the San Francisco area, Craigslist became a web-based service in 1996 and soon expanded into other classified areas. It spread to the wider United States in the year 2000, and now has a presence in over fifty countries around the ... »

worse day

15 People Having a Worse Day Than You

We all have those days where just everything seems to go wrong. We all know what it’s like, it feels like the world is against you. And if anyone annoys you, that’s just going to tip you right over the edge. So, of course, you always get that one person who says, ‘hey, it could be worse!’ Don’t you just wanna punch that guy? We just wanna wallow in our misery, OK? Just to make you all feel a bit b... »

pick up line

15 Outrageous Pick Up Line Fails

These days, going up to a girl or guy in a bar and having a pleasant conversation just doesn’t cut it if you’re out to impress. You need to stand out from the crowd. This is where pick up lines come in. A one liner designed to compliment your potential beau and impress them with your wit and intelligence. Unfortunately, some pick up lines have the opposite effect. There’s just something about them... »

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