Back to school

15 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Going Back to School

As September edges ever closer, young people across the world start getting edgy. The summer’s coming to a close and the new school year is almost upon them. There are no more care-free days of frolicking freely and getting up whenever they want. It’s back to early mornings, books and doing whatever the teachers say. So it’s no wonder that the term ‘Back to School’ is... »


15 Times Parents Trolled Their Kids Like a Boss

Parents are renowned for embarrassing their kids. It’s the law. Once a person procreates, gone are the days of them being an interesting, amusing individual who is aware of all things current. Instead they are then confined to wearing beige slacks, driving a Ford pick-up truck and listening to music that’s minimum twenty years old. Every so often though, parents can surprise their offs... »


15 Celebs With the Most Shocking Pasts…They Did What??

Singers, actors, sportspeople, entertainers. We can sometimes be so wrapped up in their public personas that we can be forgiven for sometimes forgetting that they’re real people. Real people that can make mistakes, just like you or us. It’s always exciting when you find something out about a celebrity that you just weren’t expecting, sure. But what if it’s pretty dark? Hey,... »


15 of the Weirdest Foreign Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a fairly standard, everyday necessity. Whether it be at home, at work, or in public, we all have to use these facilities on a daily basis. Most of the bathrooms that we’re used to follow the same format. Standard toilet, basin and tiled walls. Normally in white. Occasionally avocado, as people thought that they were a bit wacky back in the ’70s. Abroad, however, bathrooms... »

worse day

15 People Having a Worse Day Than You

We all have those days where just everything seems to go wrong. We all know what it’s like, it feels like the world is against you. And if anyone annoys you, that’s just going to tip you right over the edge. So, of course, you always get that one person who says, ‘hey, it could be worse!’ Don’t you just wanna punch that guy? We just wanna wallow in our misery, OK? Just to make you all feel a bit b... »


15 Hilarious Differences Between Mom and Dad’s Parenting Styles

Parents. We all have or have had them. Some of us are even parents ourselves. It’s a great little team made of people who’ve got together to raise little versions of themselves in the best way that they can. And it wouldn’t be a great team if both of them approached parenting in the same way, would it? Moms and dads both have strengths and weaknesses which they bring to the table. Here we have fif... »

pick up line

15 Outrageous Pick Up Line Fails

These days, going up to a girl or guy in a bar and having a pleasant conversation just doesn’t cut it if you’re out to impress. You need to stand out from the crowd. This is where pick up lines come in. A one liner designed to compliment your potential beau and impress them with your wit and intelligence. Unfortunately, some pick up lines have the opposite effect. There’s just something about them... »


15 Times Dads Totally Won at Parenting

We all love Dads. Whether they’re strict or laid back, they all have a totally different parenting style to moms. When dads are left in charge of their kids, who knows what’s going to happen. But we all know that the kids are bound to have an amazing time. Even if whatever they’re doing isn’t strictly that responsible. Dads are never ones to be embarrassed about playing with their kids. They’re ju... »

harry potter

The Cast of Harry Potter Actually ALL Grew Up to be INSANELY Hot

We all love the world of Harry Potter; ‘the boy who lived’. Most kids these days are brought up reading the books about the wizarding hero so it’s no surprise that the film franchise of the books did so well. The eight films allowed us to watch Harry and his friends go through school whilst fighting the dark forces of He Who Must Not Be Named. This is also means that we’ve ... »


15 Worst People You Meet On Instagram

Instagram, like many other social media platforms, is a place for people to connect, share interests, widen their social circle, etc. You can get all sorts of people using Instagram, and again, like most other social media, it tends to attract people who are just that little bit more narcissistic than others. People who just love to share every detail of their lives. But, of course, with a bit of ... »

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