The 15 Funniest Craigslist Ads Of All Time

The 15 Funniest Craigslist Ads Of All Time
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It’s hard to believe, but Craigslist is twenty years old this year. Originally started in 1995 by Craig Newmark as an email sent out to friends detailing events in the San Francisco area, Craigslist became a web-based service in 1996 and soon expanded into other classified areas. It spread to the wider United States in the year 2000, and now has a presence in over fifty countries around the world. In that time, Craigslist has firmly established itself as the go-to classified ad service, covering everything from personal ads to sales. Sometimes those advertisements are very, very funny, as the following fifteen examples show …


When your printer breaks down you could spend money calling out an engineer to fix it, or you could stick it up on Craigslist and hope that somebody will believe it’s a magical unicorn rainbow printer and give you seventy dollars. Hey, someone might believe you, right? I mean, it’s perfectly possible that a printer might be possessed with the spirit of a unicorn. That’s definitely a thing, right? Right?


You know how it goes – you’ve ordered a beer but then something’s come up or you’re running late or whatever. You have to leave, but there’s still half a beer sitting there. It would be a shame to waste it, but what do you do? You can’t take it with you, and you don’t want to see that half a beer poured mercilessly down the drain. So what do you do? Why, you stick that half a beer up on Craigslist! Problem solved!


Digging out a spot to park your car’s a pain at the best of times. You break your back shoveling snow, putting in the hard work. And then, when you’re done, some douche steals your spot while your back’s turned. So what do you do? Well, if you’re this Craigslist user, you don’t get mad … you get revenge. Sure, dude, steal the guy’s spot. But good luck getting your car out after he’s put all the snow back!


When this lady came across this huge dog, she did the right thing and took it home and gave it a bath. She wondered what sort of dog it was, thinking it might be a Great Dane. Anyway, doing the right thing, she put an ad up on Craigslist wondering if anyone had lost their large … wait a minute! That ain’t a dog! That’s a llama, lady! Luckily somebody pointed this out to her before she did something embarrassing like post about it on a famous website or something!


The guy whose wife accidentally ruined his roof box seems quite easy going about it. He’s stuck it up on Craigslist for free for anyone who wants it. He only asks for one little thing in return. It ain’t much. Nothing at all, really. He just wants a way of disposing of the body of the person who ruined his perfectly good roof box. It’s no biggie. There’s no rush. She won’t decompose for a week or so!


Many of us would only see the negative side of things should our lawn be invaded by the outpourings of an active volcano. This guy, on the other hand, didn’t see his lawn being wrecked as a bad thing. He saw it as an opportunity to spread the love. After all, why keep all that lovely lava to yourself when you can go on Craigslist and spread the love around? Roll up, roll up! Free lava for everyone!


Now this is a REAL man! With his thirty years out of date hairstyle, his 1970s mustache and his interesting fashion sense, we’re sure the twenty to thirty year old girls of this world will be queuing round the block to marry him and have his kids. After all, he’s a real man, and a real man knows what he likes and knows what he wants! Please, ladies, no time-wasters!


Sometimes our partners don’t understand the attachment we have towards our pets. That was the case with this guy. His partner just didn’t like his dog, and asked him to get rid of it. He could have done that, of course, but this dude loved his dog. So instead he took to Craigslist with a much more imaginative solution to his relationship problems. The result, we’re sure you’ll agree, is absolutely hilarious!


Love moves in mysterious ways – that’s what they say. And it certainly did move in a very specific way (mainly downwards!) for this Craigslist user who discovered his perfect partner while browsing the aisles in Trader Joe’s one day. It’s hardly Romeo and Juliet-level romance, but it’s a story with its own particular, slightly smelly charm. Let’s just hope that when these two finally got together, they remembered to open a window!


You know those times when you realize you no longer have any use for your big toe? No, us neither. That wasn’t the case for this guy, however, He just woke up one morning, looked down at that big ol’ toe of his and thought, ‘Nah, I don’t need that any more’. Thankfully, in this internet age nothing goes to waste. He was able to put it up on Craigslist – free to anyone who could provide the suitable pain relief, of course. What a bargain!


Those cat snakes, huh? You can’t move nowadays for cat snakes, eating all your cat food and stinking up the place with that weird cat snake smell of theirs. No wonder this guy put this cat snake up on Craigslist the moment he saw it. Nobody needs a stray cat snake mooching around the house, doing cat snake stuff such as … oh, hold on. That’s not a cat snake. That’s a ferret. My bad.


You can get some really good free stuff on Craigslist. We’ve already seen you can get hot, fresh lava, broken roof boxes, half-drunk beer and even cat snakes. It turns out you can also get this foolish guy’s guitar. He decided to cheat on his partner and then left his Fender lying around for her to give away when she found out. We’re not sure that’s what Craigslist was originally set up for, but we can’t deny it’s a great way for a jilted partner to get her own back. Shouldn’t have gone cheating, dude. Wave goodbye to that guitar!


This father had high hopes that he would end up with three world-class trampoline champions on his hands. What he got instead was three ungrateful teenagers who couldn’t be bothered to use the trampoline they’d begged him to buy. Luckily, there was Craigslist both for the father to get rid of the trampoline, and for him to get a bit of revenge for his ungrateful kids by calling ’em out online. As he says, ‘My kids suck’!


And finally, Craigslist isn’t just a one way street. Sometimes it’s a place where bad practices can be called out for what they are. This restaurant wanted the services of a musician who’s spent years honing his or her craft, and they wanted those services free of charge. But hey, they get to ‘publicize’ their work. Sounds OK, huh? Well not really. As the musician who replied points out, if the restaurant wants music for free, it’s only fair that the musician gets free food in return. It’s a good point well made, and very funny too!