The Cast of Harry Potter Actually ALL Grew Up to be INSANELY Hot

The Cast of Harry Potter Actually ALL Grew Up to be INSANELY Hot
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We all love the world of Harry Potter; ‘the boy who lived’. Most kids these days are brought up reading the books about the wizarding hero so it’s no surprise that the film franchise of the books did so well. The eight films allowed us to watch Harry and his friends go through school whilst fighting the dark forces of He Who Must Not Be Named. This is also means that we’ve watched all the actors chosen to play Harry and co grow up from 11 year old kids, right through to adulthood. And some of them have surprised us. Who knew that those school kids would grow up to be so insanely hot? Here are the most eye-catching fifteen…

The main star of the films, Daniel Radcliffe, rose to fame aged 11 after being cast to play the title role of Harry Potter. JK Rowling said that ‘Christopher Columbus (the movie’s director) couldn’t have found a better Harry’. And she wasn’t wrong. The young Radcliffe encapsulated Harry’s nerdy charm with his floppy dark hair and big round glasses. And look at him now! He’s come far from the boy who lived under the stairs…

Emma Watson started out her career by being better known as the bossy, bushy haired Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series. Although cute, no one could have predicted that she would have turned into such a hottie. Now Watson is more frequently seen on ‘best dressed lists’ as well as furthering her burgeoning acting career being cast as Belle in the forthcoming live action Beauty and the Beast film.

With his unmistakable shock of ginger hair, Rupert Grint was the perfect choice to play Harry’s best friend and sidekick Ron Weasley. In the films, Ron probably wasn’t best known for being hot stuff, but we can’t deny that, with age, he’s developed a certain rugged charm! Now Rupert is most likely to be seen treading the boards in London’s West End. Get your tickets now, ladies.

Tom Felton rose to fame for playing the nasty Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter’s arch nemesis and general school bully. Never has bleach blonde hair seemed so sinister. More recently, Felton starred as an equally unpleasant character in Rise of Planet of the Apes. Let’s hope he’s not as mean in real life, as, my, hasn’t he grown up to be quite the stunner! We could gaze into those baby blues all day.

Remember Neville Longbottom? The geeky, shy, slightly hapless friend of Harry’s? Well this is him now! This has to be one of the most surprising transformations we’ve seen on the list, and it’s definitely for the better! Matthew Lewis has recently traumatised the Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, by stripping down to his smalls for Attitude magazine. She tweeted ‘warn me next time’. We don’t need warning, we want to see more!

Not one of the more surprising transformations, as Katie Leung played the beautiful Cho Chang, Harry’s one time love interest. Katie was pretty good looking in the films, so it’s not a shock that she’s grown up to be an even more beautiful young woman. More recently she has been seen in Teen Vogue and was crowned Scotland’s most stylish woman, cementing her status as a complete stunner.

Robert Pattinson is probably one of the most famous hunks to have come out of the Harry Potter franchise. Some even forget he starred as the dashing Cedric Diggory who came to an early, brutal demise in the fourth film (SPOILER ALERT!). Now he’s better known for playing moody, sparkly vampire, Edward, in the Twilight series. Teenage girls everywhere swoon over R-Patz, and we’re not surprised, so do we!

We bet no one can recognize who this complete dish¬†played in the films. Guessed it? That’s right, Hugh Mitchell played little, annoying Colin Creevey. Remember? The one with the camera that followed Harry around everywhere. Who’d have though he’d have grown up to be so handsome. Hugh Mitchell is still continuing his acting career, and we’re pleased. We want to see more of this one!

Devon Murray played another of Harry’s closest friends; the cheeky, Irish Seamus Finnegan. One things for sure, now he’s all grown up, Devon certainly has a lot of Irish charm. Just think of the accent, too! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Devon’s done any more acting since filming the last of the Harry Potter films. It might mean a trip to Ireland to hunt him down!

Another Irish stunner, here. Evanna Lynch was cast as the kooky Luna Lovegood. As a young girl in the films, her unusual looks were well suited to this particular role, now as a young woman her unique appearance has worked in her favour. Lynch had never acted before appearing in the Potter films, and we’re glad that she has decided to continue with her acting career as this means we’ll be seeing a lot more from her in the future.

Not a particularly well known character, but we had to include the guy who played Cormac McLaggen; the skilled Griffindor Quidditch Captain. Some of you might remember him from the films, he was a cutie then, but now, Freddie Stroma is just HOT. We hear he’s been cast in a new series UnREAL which premiers on the Lifetime channel this year. We’ll be keeping our eye on this one.

Anyone remember Dean Thomas, another of Harry’s friends from his close inner circle? Alfred Enoch played Dean in seven out of the eight Potter films and may have passed you by. He definitely couldn’t pass us by any more, as like many of his follow stars, Enoch has turned out very well indeed. Enoch is also supposed to be fluent in Portuguese, which adds another string to his bow as well as being hot. Bonito!

Fred and George Weasley, the ginger, jokester twin brothers to Ron Weasley, were played by real life identical twins James and Oliver Phelps. Whilst, in the films, the gangly twins probably aren’t considered to be hunks by any measure. But that’s not what we loved them for! Nowadays, these twins can certainly turn a few heads. And, as there’s two of them, we get double for our money!

Bonnie Wright starred in the Potter films as the younger sister of Ron and Harry’s future romantic interest, Ginny Weasley. The younger Bonnie was perfect for playing the sweet and innocent Ginny, and we can see why Harry was so interested, as she’s turned into a complete stunner! Bonnie is now an actress and model, and deservedly so. Along with Matthew Lewis, we think Bonnie is one of the more impressive transformations.

Actress Clemence Poesy was a perfect choice to play Fleur Delacour, the beautiful and enthralling French student in the Potter films. Like with Katie Leung, it’s no surprise to us that Clemence has turned a beautiful young woman. Clemence has gone on to be a successful actress appearing in several Hollywood productions as well as on the stage. We’re exited about seeing her in more leading lady roles.